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October 2021





“I’ll believe it when I see it!”  A common expression.  You’ve probably said it.  Me, too.  But I have found, concerning spiritual truth, that “I’ll see it when I believe it!”

Right before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead he exclaimed, addressing Lazarus’s sister Martha: “… Did I not tell you that if you BELIEVED you would SEE the glory of God?” (John 11:40 ESV)

Martha and Mary were devastated when their brother, Lazarus. died. When Jesus arrived near their home He was met by Martha who told Him that if He’d come sooner, her brother would not have died.  If only. . .

“Your brother will rise again,” Jesus told her matter-of-factly.  “Yes, I know that,” she told him, perhaps somewhat perturbed, “he will rise in the resurrection on the last day.”

“I AM the resurrection,” He replied, “… and the life!” And, furthermore, He continued, whoever believes in Him “though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.” (John 11:5&6 ESV)

And, then, to Martha. . . the Question:  “Do you believe this?”

What we believe is of infinite importance.  Any one can believe, whether intellectually deficient or of genius capacity.  It’s a choice.  You tell me something and I choose to believe you…or not.  Maybe it depends upon who I know you to be.  In other words, as I’ve said before, it’s in the veracity of the messenger.

Philip, the Evangelist, served as a Deacon in the Jerusalem Church.  Due to great persecution, he left the area and went to Samaria to preach the good news of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Great crowds came to hear the strange new doctrine being predicated by the man from Jerusalem, and to witness for themselves the miracles and wonders that happened at his hand.  Foul spirits were being cast out and the palsied and lame made to walk.  The place was jumping with excitement and there was “great rejoicing in that city.” (Acts 8:8 TAB)

Sounds like a revival!  Not a good time for the preacher to leave the city. But the Holy Spirit told Philip to leave town and get on the desert road that led from Jerusalem to Gaza.

Meanwhile, an Ethiopian eunuch, a man in charge of the great wealth of Candace, the Ethiopian Queen, was returning to his country from his visit to Jerusalem where he had gone to worship.  As his chariot rattled along the dusty road he was reading in the book of the Prophet Isaiah about one who, being denied justice, was like a sheep who was led to the slaughter and, as a lamb before its shearer, he opened not his mouth.

“…His life is taken from the earth

                            And a bloody death inflicted upon Him.”

                                                                (Acts 8:33b TAB)

Philip, at the bidding of the Holy Spirit, went up to the chariot and was invited to climb on board.  The eunuch wanted to know just who the prophet was speaking of, “Was it himself…or someone else?”  At that, Philip began with that Scripture, and spoke to him about Jesus and the Gospel of Good News.

As they continued on their way they came near some water, and the eunuch asked if he could be baptized.  And then, from Philip…the Question: “If you believe…”He answered: “I DO BELIEVE THAT JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD!”  (Acts 8:37b KJV)

The desert sun was hot.  The chariot stood still.  Two men stood together in the water.  One reached out and lowered the other until he was totally submerged.  Rising up from the water was a new man in Christ.  Oh, he was still a eunuch, still in charge of the Queen’s treasure, but so much more.  He would continue on his way and would carry the Good News to Ethiopia.  He went on his way “rejoicing!” (Acts 8:39 TAB)  Philip?  Well, he was gone. Caught up (literally!) by the Spirit of God.  Oh, he would continue his journey in this world, going from place to place telling about Jesus and asking the same Question:  ”…Do you believe?”


Walking this Way with you,




The Children’s Christmas Party


The children’s Christmas party will be held on January 1, 2022.

This has been a very difficult year for the people of Haiti. The Haitian economy has declined significantly due to inflation, civil unrest, and the assassination of the President of Haiti. Also, the significant increase in gang actions has paralyzed sections of the country, brought on by the inability of the police and the military, to maintain law and order.

This has been a difficult year for the children, as their families have suffered from the deprivation brought on by the above listed conditions.

 However, we can provide a good time for the children, where they can eat as much as they are able, and forget life’s problems, for at least one day.

The following photos show the good time that the children had at the 2020 Christmas party.

We have a goal of providing $1000 to cover the cost of the 2021 Christmas party which will be held on January 1, 2022. If you desire to help with the cost of this children’s Christmas party, please send your check to the address at the end of this newsletter, or for online giving, please use our PayPal service, also at the end of this newsletter. Please mark your donation “Christmas Party”



The School of Cahess

Pastor Coty Writes:

Year after year, the school has grown, with more and more children  being enrolled in the school. We offer a good education, but mostly the parents have peace of mind when they send their children to our school. They know for sure, that their child will get at least one meal for that day.

Even though the building that we meet in is not in good condition, they still send their children to our school.

Please pray for these children and for the healing the country of Haiti.


The School Lunch Program

Pastor Coty Writes:

The other day, the Spanish teacher who is Pastor Samuel August, told me, “I know the strength of your school”. He went on to say, “it is the lunch program”.

We always serve the food at 10.00. Pastor Samuel was there to teach the 9th grade, before the lunch time. He told me, “he was talking to the class and no one could follow what he was saying”.  When he asked the students what the problem was, they showed him their stomachs and “said empty”. “Then I realized that the strength of the school is the school lunch program”.

Brothers and sisters of CHM, I said that many times– the school lunch program is making a big difference. This reality is, not only for the kids but also for the teachers, because 10.00 o’clock is the time that everyone is waiting for, each and every school day.

I can’t imagine school without food.

Thank you CHM Family and Friends, for supporting the School Lunch Program.

Pastor Coty Joseph

The children wait for this every school day.

The Board of Coastal Haiti Mission is so very grateful for your faithfulness.


Lighting Homes in Cahess Haiti

Pastor Coty Writes:

We prayed for a change of living conditions in Haiti, and in our Village of Cahess. From the bottom of our heart, we want to thank brother Ken Johansson, who let God use him to respond to the prayers of many in Haiti.

There is an electrical power line (also called a grid) that passes through the village of Cahess. You will be surprised to see how many houses that the electrical power line passes by, before connecting to one house. Many people who were connected to this electrical source, have disconnected, because it is too expensive, and they were unable to pay for the electricity that they used.

So, the grid is there, but the people still live in the dark.

The Cyclops lights are changing the living conditions of our village.

With the very difficult situation that Haiti is in now, which is a situation that we don’t see how it is going to be fixed, every house would like to have a light like this. But so far, we have been able to help 12 homes.  

A large group of people in our village still use the kerosene lamps to light their homes. However, now there is no fuel available, so they live now, in a total blackout.

We cannot find words to describe the horribly difficult situation in Haiti these days. We only know that God will make a way.

Thanks to all who contribute to support the work of CHM and who helped with the lighting project. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tony receiving a Cyclops light and a Solar Power Bank to charge the light, from our lighting specialist, Monel Pierre.

Pastor Coty Writes:

 Brother Monel is explaining how to use the light to this family. Mr. and Mrs. Tony are very happy to receive the light. They say thanks, thanks, thanks, and thanks again.



A Lighting Emergency; A Change to the Lighting Program

Pastor Coty wrote in the above paragraph that many homes in Cahess use kerosene lamps, because that is all the residents can afford. However, he then wrote that due to the condition of the country, there is no fuel available for these lamps, and that most of the people are living in total darkness at night.

I asked Pastor Coty if this problem is long term. Here is his answer and I quote:

“It will last brother Ken, because there is no solution for the fuel problem in Haiti, yet.

Extending the light project is a good idea. Life is so difficult now. That would help many people here”.

Based on the need that exists in Cahess right now, we will modify our lighting program. We will sacrifice the lighting independence that we wanted each home to have. Instead, the lights will need to be brought to a central charging station, which will be powered by the electrical grid.

Instead of sending systems, we will purchase a large quantity of lights. We will also purchase enough charging equipment, so that each light can be charged once per day. Pastor Coty and our lighting specialist, Monel Pierre will set up a charging station. They will plan and implement the details of the charging program.

I estimate that $25, will pay for each light, including shipping and custom charges. If you would like to help us light up a family’s home in Cahess, please send your check to the address at the end of this newsletter, or if you prefer to give on line, please use our PayPal service, also at the end of this newsletter.

In the interest of total transparency, I will give the reason we can order this equipment without waiting to raise the money to purchase these lights.

CHM was given a substantial donation. We intended to use part of this donation for the lighting program, but the remainder is planned to be used for other needs. That is why we are requesting donations to pay back a portion of this expenditure.

Ken Johansson

CHM Administrator, and Lighting Project Leader


 Proverbs 19:17

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.


A promise to you from the scripture

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.

Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you.

I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

Isaiah 41: 10


 Thank you Family and Friends of Coastal Haiti Mission, for all that you do to help the people in Cahess, Haiti. You are making a huge difference for these people.

Please remember, that CHM must continue to send our monthly commitment of $800 to carry on the ongoing CHM ministry in Cahess.

If you desire to help, please send your tax deductible check to our address and tell us how you want us to use your donation:

Coastal Haiti Mission

C/O Constance Goddard

3048 Spring Fancy Lane

Indian Trail, NC 28079


For tax deductible “online donations”, please use our PayPal service. Also please designate how you want us to use your donation.


May the Lord our God, who knows your heart and sees your actions, grant you great joy as you serve Him. 

Connie, Esther, Pastor Coty, Carl, and Ken are very grateful for your sacrifice.

Ken Johansson CHM Newsletter Editor

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