The role of Coastal Haiti Mission (CHM) has changed.

Previously, we physically went to Haiti, where we ministered directly to the people and we constructed buildings and facilities.  Now, we have trusted and able people on the ground in Northern Haiti.  We also have telephone and internet communications.  These factors allow us to present the urgent needs of the people in Cahess to you, our mission partners.  As our God moves on your hearts to meet these needs, we pledge ourselves to see that your investments are used to properly meet the need for which they are given.  Some of the programs that we encouraged in the past, such as the Foster Care Program, have been terminated. This was done because these programs became financially unsustainable. It also became difficult for us to have good oversight of these donated funds.

We maintain a program to provide food for the hungry called, Food for the Needy.  Weekly allotments of food are provided to the people in need.  This program is operated by women in the area named the Dorcas Ladies.

We also raise funds to provide food for school age children, in the form of school lunches. We also provide food bars for the children attending a weekend class called Saturday Sunday School

We will be sharing with you, the urgent needs that are sent to us by our CHM person on the ground, in Cahess Haiti.  

We are continuing to provide solar powered home lighting, to improve the health and the quality of life, for the families in this rural community.


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