WELCOME  to the Coastal Haiti Mission (CHM) website. The three founding members were part of North Haiti Mission since 1993 until they banned together in 2009, to form CHM. The purpose of CHM is to improve  the spiritual and physical condition of the Haitian People, living in the northern part of Haiti. We are working in a village named Cahess which is located about 20 miles east of the City of Cap Hatien.

A Christian organization, we are not linked to any one particular church or denomination.  We base our ministry in Haiti on the Word of God, highlighting the good news of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are devoted to ministering in His love, promoting medical care and feeding programs, as we are able. We also strive to utilize technology to alleviate some of the every-day deprivation and suffering among the people, He has sent us to.

CHM raised significant relief funds in the aftermath of the Port-au-Prince earthquake. These funds were distributed to the earthquake victims by mission organizations operating in the earthquake area, who are known to us for their ability, honesty and integrity.

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