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ADMINISTRATOR – Kenneth L. Johansson

Ken has been involved in ministry to the people of Cahesse Haiti since 1994, when he volunteered to be part of a missions trip organized by Pastor Clint and Connie Goddard. In the intervening years, he joined Clint and Connie in helping to form North Haiti Mission. In February 2009, Ken, along with Clint and Connie, disassociated from North Haiti Mission and formed Coastal Haiti Mission. Although Ken has taken the lead in many projects, a more important role has been to assist and encourage Clint and Connie as they directed the mission.

When Pastor Clint passed away, Connie became ACTING ADMINISTRATOR and TREASURER, in addition to her other role of SECRETARY of the mission. At this time, Ken assumed the position of editor of the Coastal Haiti Mission Newsletter.

In January 2016, Ken took on the role of the ADMINISTRATOR of the mission.

In the early years, Ken’s main project was to wire all the North Haiti Mission buildings and to install the electrical generators. In 2001, Ken became aware of the hardships of life at night in Haiti, due to absence of light in Haitian homes. Since that time his passion has been to provide solar lighting, in order to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people.

Ken, an Electronic Engineer, spent 25 years working as an analog circuit designer in the process control industry. He now owns and operates Lock-Tronics, installing and maintaining burglar and fire alarm systems. Ken and his wife Carla, live in North Grafton, Massachusetts, and are members of First Assembly of God Church, in Worcester MA.


Connie was associated with North Haiti Mission for 15 years.  She has made many short-term mission trips to various parts of Haiti with the majority of them to the North Haiti Mission station in Cahesse.  She assisted in a variety of activities aimed at improving the life of the Haitian people.

She joined her husband, Clint, and Ken Johansson to found Coastal Haiti Mission in February, 2009,serving as SECRETARY.

Upon the death of her husband, Clint, in 2012, Connie assumed the additional roles of ACTING ADMINISTRATOR  and TREASURER until January 1, 2016. Connie continues to serve as SECRETARY/TREASURER

For years, Connie was active in lay ministry in church, and served as secretary and then president of a local chapter of Women’s Aglow Fellowship International, an interdenominational gathering of Christian women.  In 1974 she co-authored a book with a messianic Jew, Dr. Ernest Cassuto – “The Last Jew of Rotterdam.”

In the past she has worked as a town correspondent and feature writer for a local daily newspaper, and later worked for 17 years in aviation fuel accounting.  Connie now lives with her son Jamie and his wife Cathy in Indian Trail, NC 28079.

 BOARD MEMBER- Esther Stidham

Esther was born and raised in the town of Jeremie Haiti. She met and married David Stidham, an American on assignment in Haiti. Esther immigrated to the United States, settling with husband David, in Worcester Massachusetts. There, three children, Lena, Ruth, and David   graced their home. While being a full time mother, and working part time, Esther with the help of her husband and children, began the arduous task of becoming a full time student. Esther graduated and is now a LPN, working full time in the health care field.

In April 2013, her husband David passed away, one day after returning from Haiti. Esther, now a widow, continues on, working, managing her home and caring for her children.

Esther is a veteran traveler, making many trips to Haiti, both caring for her extended family there, and participating in various missions.

Esther brings to the Coastal Haiti Mission Board her knowledge of Haitian and American culture, her ability to speak both Creole and English, as well as her medical knowledge and experience.

Esther is a member of The Journey Community Church, located in Worcester Massachusetts.

Board Member-Carl Lamour

Carl was born in the town of Trou-du-Nord, Haiti which is 3 miles from Cahess. Carl and his mother moved to Port-au-Prince for about 1 year, and then he moved back to Trou-du-Nord with his aunt, and remained there until he was 5 years old. At that point in time, he moved back to Port-au-Prince, but visited the family home in Trou-du-Nord each summer, until he was 11 years old.

Carl completed High School in Port-au-Prince and then immigrated to the United States, where he continued his studies. Carl received a BS Degree in Management and Information Systems. Carl is now employed in the Information Technology field.

Carl is married to Myriam, and they have been blessed with two beautiful children, Sebastian and Eva.

Carl visited Cahess and Trou-du-Nord in 2017, which has resulted in ongoing relationships that continue to this day. Carl regularly communicates with Pastor Coty and the many new friends that he made during this trip.

In Carl’s own words he says: “Trou-du-Nord has a special place in my heart by birth, but now Cahess has occupied a great deal of my heart, because of its people”.

Carl and his family belong to Living Word Church of Worcester,



Pastor Lyvinx “Coty” Joseph serves three major roles in the Village of Cahess, Haiti. He is the founding pastor, and now serves as Associate Pastor of the Source of Life Baptist Church of Cahess. Pastor Coty handles the day to day administrative tasks of the church as well as sharing the pulpit ministry with Lead Pastor, Julian Belony.

The second responsibility of Pastor Coty, is being the director of the 170 student, School of Cahess. This school has grades from pre-school to 5th grade.

In addition to the above responsibilities, Pastor Coty is the “on the ground” representative of Coastal Haiti Mission (CHM) in Cahess. As the CHM representative, Pastor Coty directs and implements the mission’s efforts to address the needs of the people of Cahess and the surrounding  community.

Those of us who have watched Pastor Coty grow and mature from a child,  consider him to be a great asset to the Haitian Community. While we, the mission team members could only go to Haiti for short periods of time, Pastor Coty is ministering to the people of Cahess, on a full time permanent basis. He truly serves the people of his community with a tender and willing spirit.

In Memoriam

FORMER ADMINISTRATOR- Pastor Clint Goddard, Promoted to Heaven

Our beloved colleague, Clint Goddard, left this earth to claim his reward in heaven on July 28, 2012.

Although Clint is no longer with us, the fruit of his labor for God continues on through the lives of the many people he ministered to and influenced, both in Haiti and here in the United States.

Clint authored 2 Christian novels The “Provision” and “Weigh Anchor”. The setting for these novels reflect Clint’s love of the HAITIAN people and his love of the ocean. These books are available from Coastal Haiti Mission (CHM).

The following message was prepared for Clint’s memorial service.

I met Clint Goddard in 1964. From that time he has been to me- a brother in the Lord- and part of my inner circle. Most of our activities involved some form of ministry.  We were officers in the Worcester Massachusetts Chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. We were involved in bringing a converted gang member, Nicky Cruz, for an evangelistic rally at the Worcester Memorial Auditorium. Clint being the visionary that he was, was the inspiration and the prime mover in most of these activities. He would make the arrangements, write the letters, get the advertising flyers, and create the newspaper ads. Then he would distribute the advertising flyers to people he would meet, as well as sending them in the US mail and personally delivering them to churches. He would go to businesses and ask to post the flyers on their doors and street windows. Although the other people involved in these meetings helped in distributing the advertising, none of us could come close to matching Clint’s effectiveness and zeal in getting the message out to the public.

At some point in time, Clint took a photography course. From that time forward, he used that skill to capture the needs of people wherever he went.

In 1994, I went with a group of short term missionaries, led by Clint and his wife Connie, to Northern Haiti. That was the beginning of our working together in Haiti.

Clint and  Connie are greatly loved by these people. Clint would often preach the Sunday Morning message and there would be many loud “amens” as the message was translated into Creole. Clint and Connie would take photos of the people and then return home to raise support for the needs they encountered. Clint would create newsletters with pictures and stories, to share the needs of these people.

When Coastal Haiti Mission (CHM) was formed, Clint and Connie began a ministry to the orphans in the area of Cahess. One of the most important tasks of the last trip we made together, was to take the photo and get the history of each orphan. Then armed with this information, Clint then searched for people to sponsor these children.

Clint was an active part of my life. I loved him like a brother.   I, along with many of you, wanted Clint to continue to be part of our lives. Many of us prayed daily for his healing. But God saw fit to take him.

I write this memorial message to indicate to you the huge void Clint’s leaving has left in our lives, and in the ministry  of Coastal Haiti Mission. With God’s help, we are attempting to fill that void and carry on the legacy that Clint has left to us.

Ken Johansson, CHM Administrator

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