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July 2018


Stevens Swollen Knee

We learned of Steven just several days before we published the May 2018 CHM Newsletter. We had no idea what the problem could be with Steven’s knee, but we presented the information we had, along with several photos of Steven and his knee.

There was an instantaneous response. One of the nurses, whom we hold dear, alerted her contacts in the medical field. That started a cumulative effort which is still continuing today. A sample of Steven’s blood was needed, but the required blood analysis, was not available in Northern Haiti. The following plan was used to get the blood to the lab in the U.S. A., before it deteriorated. Steven was brought to the hotel of a visiting doctor, early in the morning of the day the doctor was leaving for home in the USA. The doctor withdrew the needed blood sample, and then hand carried the blood sample on the aircraft to Miami. The blood sample was handed off to a person at the Miami Airport, who delivered it to the University of Miami, where it was analyzed. The analysis revealed that the suspected diagnosis of hemophilia was accurate, and it identified the missing Factor in the blood. This same doctor also made the contact for Steven to be brought to a hospital near Cap Hatien to be evaluated for Physical Therapy.

Additionally, a Hemophilia Organization, located in Massachusetts, is arranging for Steven to be supplied with Blood Factor to combat this illness.

Also, the groundwork is being done for setting up a hemophilia treatment center in Haiti. This will be a huge benefit for the people who suffer from Hemophilia in Northern Haiti.

We are not done yet. There are authorization forms that need to be filled out, signed and then communicated back to the Hemophilia Organization. Then the medication will be shipped to Haiti. The logistics of how the medication will be stored and administered to Steven still need to be developed.

However, because of this group of dedicated people who responded to Steven’s need, Steven is close to getting the medical help that he needs to live a more normal life. To all of you in this group, we at CHM salute you.


Just before the CHM Newsletter was sent for publication, we were notified that the medication for Steven had arrived. We will publish an update on Steven in the August CHM Newsletter


Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Vacation Bible School is held to teach the children lessons from the bible, to help them to memorize scripture, to play games together, to eat meals together and generally have fun—all in a wholesome environment.

CHM  provided the funds for VBS.

Pastor Coty writes:

I want to thank each and all of you for your support and contribution toward the VBS in Cahess.

I am sending you some pictures that show  you how our kids in Cahess were blessed and enjoyed those two days of VBS.

We gathered in the church building to pray, to learn bible verses, and to teach a bible story. We also gave the instructions and rules for the games that we played.

 Coloring pictures




Pastor Coty writes:

Apart from the games that we bring , the kids create their own types of games.

These boys are playing Mab (marbles).

These boys found a Frisbee

I had to stop this game that they were playing using the school benches. They put the bench on a slant so that they can slide down it. They had fun doing it, but it seemed dangerous and also I was afraid that they break the bench.

This was a big tournament. It was penalty kiks. It was really a tie, but we found two champions, one among the girls and one among the boys.

Pastor Coty writes:

Everyone of the children was registered for a type of game. We were looking for a champion in each type of game. We had many games going on at the same time. Even I say that it was so much fun. The kids were more than happy.


Food is always a big attraction


Water Purifier Project

Gift of Water (GoW)   Program Launch

Pastor Coty writes:

Brother Ken has been fighting a lot for the people in Cahess to have access to good water, and today was a big day in Cahess. It was the first day of distribution of the Gift of Water systems, that will purify the water, that we drink and use.

Our technician is Jean Ely TOUSSAINT, however  we call him Jeff. He did a great job today. He taught the people about water born diseases. He also taught the people how to use their new system. It is Jeff’s responsibility to visit each home once each month, to make sure the purifier is working correctly, and to teach and reinforce the information about water borne diseases.


The first 50 water purifiers were distributed today. Jeff will be compiling another list of people for the second group of 50 purifiers.


The Gift of Water Program Manager for Haiti, and a Program Auditor, assisted Pastor Coty and Technician Jeff with the Program Launch. We are grateful for their assistance.

Jeff teaching

 Taking the systems home.

Sampling the purified water.

Blessed are those who are generous, because they feed the poor. Proverbs 22:9                                             


Please remember, that CHM must continue to send our monthly commitment of $600 to carry on the ongoing CHM ministry in Cahess.

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May the Lord our God, who knows your heart and sees your actions, grant you great joy as you serve Him.               

Connie, Esther, Pastor Coty and Ken are very grateful for your sacrifice.

Ken Johansson CHM Newsletter Editor

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