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November 2020


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This month we highlight the CHM Secretary/Treasurer, Connie Goddard

Connie was associated with North Haiti Mission for 15 years.  She has made many short-term mission trips to various parts of Haiti with the majority of them to the North Haiti Mission station in Cahesse.  She assisted in a variety of activities aimed at improving the life of the Haitian people.

She joined her husband, Clint, and Ken Johansson to found Coastal Haiti Mission in February, 2009, serving as SECRETARY.

Upon the death of her husband, Clint, in 2012, Connie assumed the additional roles of ACTING ADMINISTRATOR  and TREASURER until January 1, 2016. Connie continues to serve as SECRETARY/TREASURER.

For years, Connie was active in lay ministry in church, and served as secretary and then president of a local chapter of Women’s Aglow Fellowship International, an interdenominational gathering of Christian women.  In 1974 she co-authored a book with a messianic Jew, Dr. Ernest Cassuto – “The Last Jew of Rotterdam.”

In the past she has worked as a town correspondent and feature writer for a local daily newspaper, and later worked for 17 years in aviation fuel accounting.  Connie now lives with her son Jamie and his wife Cathy and their family in Indian Trail, NC 28079.


In Memoriam: Clint Goddard by Ken Johansson

Clint Goddard was part of my inner circle of friends, close like a brother, and he was a brother in the Lord, in the truest sense of the word.

Clint was a fantastic visionary, and he had a great amount of enthusiasm for the things that captured his heart.

One of those areas was ministry to the People of Haiti. Clint and his wife and soulmate Connie, traveled to Haiti numerous times.

In the early years of their involvement in Haiti, they encouraged and helped others to begin their ministry in Haiti.

They went on the first trips with George and Jean DeTellis, who went on to found New Missions, a most wonderful and successful ministry in the southern part of Haiti.

Clint and Connie were planning a trip to Haiti, to begin a ministry in a village in the Northern part of Haiti. I knew absolutely nothing about  Haiti, but I found myself with a definite urge to go on that trip.

I can definitely remember the mixture of incredulousness and excitement in Clint’s voice, like, “I can’t believe it”, when I called to tell him, that I wanted to be part of that trip. 

That was the beginning of our ministry to the people of Haiti. We served together for 18 years, until Clint was called home to his eternal reward.

It is absolutely true, that the reason I have been involved in ministry to the Haitian People, is because of Clint and Connie Goddard. They watched over me carefully, when I was a neophyte traveler. Once, Connie rescued my passport, when I carelessly left it lying around in a car, because I had no idea how important that document is.

I had absolutely no idea that I would be called upon to try to fill Clint’s big shoes, in leading Coastal Haiti Mission, after his death. 

I can assuredly say that Clint and Connie Goddard changed the direction of my life.

Clint and Connie have a great legacy of lives in ministry and service, to present to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 



A Message from Connie Goddard


If you are a Christian, born again of the Spirit of God, then you are a “Stranger” and a “Pilgrim” here on this earth (Heb.11:13).

This world is not your home.  You have passed from death unto life Jn. 5:24) because God has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Pet. 2:9). 

But, we, who are still living on this earth have an assignment to bear.  And that assignment is an assignment of life or death — not ours, but others’.  We are to be vessels, containing and led by the Holy Spirit.  A river of living water poured out to the world bringing love and healing to those who don’t know Jesus (Jn.7:38).  Those who are totally unaware that their lives/souls are in peril without Him.  Those who are hurting, discouraged, and feel there is no hope.

We are to be light and salt in a dark world.  Jesus said He has many sheep still outside the fold and he wants them in!

(Jn. 10:16).

God has been good to us, sinners that we are — no better than anyone else, but saved by grace when the Master suffered and died on the cross for us — and “them.”

The storm clouds are gathering, and the “ark” is waiting.

And so, my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the Most High God, reach out and touch someone for Jesus this Christmas, will you? 

Hey, if we don’t, who will?


Food for the Needy

Pastor Coty Writes

This lady’s name is Suzette. She came by the church this morning and explained to us, her situation. We sent her to our garden where she picked some local beans.

She then came back to us. We were very glad to give her some rice. 

Now she sees the world differently. From having no food this morning, to have rice and local beans, with which she is now going to feed her whole household.  What a blessing.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the Food for the Needy Program.

Pastor Coty


New Classroom Construction

Pastor Coty Writes:

The school is growing up. We want to take the school to the 9th grade level. This year we have the 8th grade for the first time.

Our goal now, is to have a good school building in the future. As for now, we are still meeting in temporary classrooms, for all the grades, from preschool to 6th grade.

Last year we moved the 7th grade to a temporary building, out of the school yard. This year we put the 8th grade class in that temporary building, and we put the 7th grade class in the new unfinished classroom.

This year, from what I saved, I was able to start building a new classroom on the same tract of land, where the other classes meet.

Our plan now is to finish the building.

 Grade 7 is meeting for classes in this unfinished building.


School Lunch Program

Pastor Coty Writes:

These are some pictures showing how blessed we are to be able to have food at the school.

Thank you again to the Family and Friends of Coastal Haiti Mission.

Under the mango tree during the break time, all the teachers meet and eat their lunch.



Saturday Sunday School

 Pastor Coty Writes

This is a Saturday afternoon at the Saturday Sunday School in Cahess, as we are getting ready for the Christmas party.

Getting ready for the Christmas party.


The Christmas Party

The Children are living with anticipation for the Christmas Party that is coming on December 24, 2020.

Below are some photos from the January 2020 CHM Newsletter, to remember the wonderful time the children had at the 2019 CHM Christmas Party.


We are still looking for donations to help fund the CHM 2020 Christmas Party.

If you desire to help with the Christmas Party, please send your donation to the address at the end of this newsletter. 


Proverbs 11: 25

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others, will themselves be refreshed. 


A blessing to you from the scripture

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord show you his favor and give you peace

Numbers 6: 24 to 26


Thank you Family and Friends of Coastal Haiti Mission, for all that you do to help the people in Cahess, Haiti. You are making a huge difference for these people.

Please remember, that CHM must continue to send our monthly commitment of $800 to carry on the ongoing CHM ministry in Cahess.

If you desire to help, please send your tax deductible check to our address and tell us how you want us to use your donation:

Coastal Haiti Mission

C/O Constance Goddard

3048 Spring Fancy Lane

Indian Trail, NC 28079


For tax deductible “online donations”, please use our PayPal service. Also please designate how you want us to use your donation:


May the Lord our God, who knows your heart and sees your actions, grant you great joy as you serve Him.                   

Connie, Esther, Pastor Coty, Carl, and Ken are very grateful for your sacrifice.

Ken Johansson CHM Newsletter Editor

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