Coastal Haiti Mission Newsletter

June 2020

A New CHM Board Member

Carl Lamour

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, Carl Lamour was unanimously elected to the Board of Coastal Haiti Mission (CHM).

Each of the board members individually welcomed Carl  to the Board.

Carl responded with the following message:

Good morning CHM board members,

I just want to officially thank all of you for voting me in as your newest member. My family and I are very pleased with all the support that CHM is giving to our people.  Personally, this Mission is close to home and even closer to my heart. I am ready to serve my community namely Trou du Nord and Cahesse,

God Bless,


Some History

At the end of 2013,  Carl and Ken (CHM Newsletter Editor) began serving in the transportation ministry of the church we belong to. As we shared time together, Haiti was often discussed.

Although Carl was born in the Town of Tru du Nord, which is about 1 mile from Cahess, his parents moved the family to the Western part of Haiti when Carl was very young. Therefore Carl did not know that Cahess even existed. However, it was during a discussion with one of Carl’s brothers, that he learned the actual location of Cahess. At this time Carl did not know anyone in the Village of Cahess.

It was December 2017 that Carl and Ken visited Cahess and Trou du Nord. During that wonderful week Carl forged many new friendships that continue to this day. There is no language barrier because Carl speaks and writes  Creole fluently.

Carl really bonded with Pastor Coty and his wife Nana, along with many members of the Joseph family. Additionally, a group of about 6 young men who are university agricultural students formed friendships with Carl. Now, these students regularly communicate with Carl, generally asking for advice and occasional dropping hints that they need some financial assistance.

Recently Carl has created several challenging problem solving contests to stimulate the minds of the people during this pandemic lockdown. The contests are open to anyone, but it is usually one of these agricultural students who wins the prize.

Carl continues to demonstrate in tangible ways his love and concern for the people in the Village of Cahess.

Cahess Covid-19 Virus Report

Pastor Coty Wrtes:

Since we heard about the Covid-19 in the US, we know that this virus is near us. We were asking ourselves what we will do when this pandemic gets to Haiti, because we generally don’t have good hospitals in Haiti. Many people think that people will be dying by thousands in Haiti.

The first suspected case of covid-19 in Haiti, was only 3 kilometers from Cahess, so we were really shocked when we found this out. However, this person tested negative  When the first 2 cases were confirmed in Haiti, the government closed the country. This was a good thing for the country, and it was a good decision for the people, although it was very difficult for them to endure . Of the first 2 people who were killed by the Covid-19 Virus, one of them was from Trou-du-Nord, which is only 2 or 3 kilometers from our village. This person was visiting from New York. He was in a private clinic until the government moved him to a hospital in Mirbalais. He died the next day

We thought that, it would be bad for us in Cahess, so we tried hard to respect the guidelines established by the government.

Now for the whole country, the total number of positive cases is more than 5000, and more than 90 people died.

In Cahess, we have had some people die that we think may be the result of  Covid-19, but we cannot say for sure,  because there was no testing available.

 People are still drinking a type of herbal tea, thinking that it can protect them from Covid-19. However, we hear that some people are getting really sick and some die, when they take that herbal tea.

Recently I heard a testimony from a lady originally from Cahess, but now she lives in Trou-du-Nord. She said that she had all the signs of  Covid-19, but she did not go to a hospital. She said that she had fever for a week, and she could not taste anything, along with other symptoms. Then everyone in her  household got this fever and headache.

Now she says that they all got healed, without any of her household going to a hospital.

So we really don’t know how many people have or had, this Covid-19 Virus among us.

Food Distribution

An Opportunity–The Love of Christ to the Voodoo People. I did not know who she was, but she insisted that she needed a bag of rice by saying: “my mouth is open to eat also, Pastor”. Finally, I asked one of my helpers, (Yamoutch), “who is she”? He told me that she is not from our village, but that she came to see the voodoo priest, who lives in our village. When I had gone to the voodoo priest’s house to tell his wife to come to get some rice, this lady was there. Then I went ahead and gave her a bag of rice saying,” be blessed in Jesus name”. When she got back to the voodoo priest’s house, there were many other people there. She told them where she got the rice. Then the other people started coming. After serving more people, I sent for the voodoo priest. I gave him two bags of rice, so he could share among the remaining people.

By providing food for these people, we did more than feed them, we brought them the love of Christ.

The woman on the left holding the bag of rice, came from visiting the voodoo priest.  Notice that she is not wearing a mask.

Pastor Coty Continues to Rejoice

I always enjoy being a part of this tremendous work that God is doing in my village. I was overwhelmed with joy, when I found out about the group of people who are not from Cahess, and I  was able to bless them.

These people are staying at the voodoo priest’s house. When I found out about that, I sent for the voodoo priest, and I gave him food for every one of them. He was more than happy. I could read that in his face.

What a wonderful way to be a witness for Christ during this difficult time in a village of Haiti!!!!

The voodoo priest’s home

A Message from the People of Cahess

Once again, the people of the Village of Cahess, want to thank everyone that has contributed, to help them go through this difficult time, by providing food for them.

We can only imagine what the people of this remote village would suffer, without the help coming to them, from Coastal Haiti Mission.

Pastor Coty handing out bags of rice

Bags of rice not yet distributed

Waiting in line for rice

Some masks are missing.

Patiently waiting

Pastor Coty keeping the records

Pastor Coty Writes

Coastal Haiti Mission is the only organization that thinks of the people of the Village of Cahess, about what they will be eating.

The Haitian government says they will fix the road, and they continue filling it with dirt. They started this one year ago. Nobody knows when they will finish filling it with that Rocky Dirt, a project that they could do in days or weeks.

Thank you CHM Family and Friends, for being so prompt with the food. (Editors note)

Note the piles of fill that line the side of the road.

The Mango Season Ends

The mango season is coming to an end and many of our people are really concerned. This is because the mangos are a big food source for the people in our village.

During this staying home situation, there have been two big sources of help for the people in our Village of Cahess. They are the food distribution and the mango season.

Again, during the mango season, the people will eat as many mangos as they can. They don’t eat it as a dessert or for just getting a fruit, but they eat mango to fight against their hunger.

Sadly, the mango season is ending.

Sadly, it is the end of the mango harvest.

Church Services Begin Again Cautiously

Until now, all the churches in the country, were to remain closed to respect the government rules and to protect their members from getting the Covid-19 Virus. However, some churches in some villages are not respecting this requirement. But in our village, we have been respecting it since the beginning, because we wanted to protect our church members. We try really hard to keep connecting to our church members in other ways.

We just started a series of two services on Sunday morning. They meet 7:00 to 8:00 AM and 8:00 to 9:00 AM.

As you may know, our church is meeting in an open building. We do it in a way such that the people can spread out everywhere inside the building.

We do it like this because we don’t want everyone to come at once. The people who come, wear masks.

We started meeting on Sunday, June 21. We had only 30 people attending, 15 in each service.

As we conclude this newsletter, we invite you to join with us in providing food. This need continues to be very urgent. If you desire to help us to provide food for the people of Cahess, please send your donation by either of the two ways listed below.

Proverbs 19: 17

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.

Thank you Family and Friends of Coastal Haiti Mission, for all that you do to help the people in Cahess, Haiti. You are making a huge difference for these people.

Please remember, that CHM must continue to send our monthly commitment of $800 to carry on the ongoing CHM ministry in Cahess.

If you desire to help, please send your tax deductable check to our address and tell us how you want us to use your donation:

Coastal Haiti Mission
C/O Constance Goddard
3048 Spring Fancy Lane
Indian Trail, NC 28079
For tax deductible “online donations”, please use our PayPal service. Also please designate how you want us to use your donation:

May the Lord our God, who knows your heart and sees your actions, grant you great joy as you serve Him.               

Connie, Esther, Pastor Coty, Carl, and Ken are very grateful for your sacrifice.

Ken Johansson CHM Newsletter Editor

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