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October 2018


Water Purifier Program

Fifty more families will be able to have purified water in their homes in the month of November. Coastal Haiti Mission (CHM), has placed an order with Gift of Water, for 50 water purifiers. When these are installed, the families in the Village of Cahess will have 106 water purifiers in operation.

Pastor Coty and Jeff, the CHM water technician, will create a class to instruct the new purifier owners on how to use the purifiers. The water purifiers, which will be pre assembled, will be distributed at the conclusion of the class, along with a supply of chlorine tablets.

After the class is held and the purifiers are distributed, Jeff will make a visit to each home to reinforce the training and to correct any problems with the purifiers.

CHM Water Technician Jeff, making house calls to verify correct installation and to teach about good safe water practices.


The School Lunch Program

The school lunch program continues to be a great blessing to the children and teachers of Cahess. As you may have noticed in the photos of previous newsletters, the food is cooked over an open fire. These cooking fires are fueled by wood. Pastor Coty tells us in the following paragraph about one of the many tasks that he does.


Pastor Coty writes:

It is a big blessing to get food for the kids every school day. I receive the donations, and I buy what is needed, but we try not to purchase cooking fuel. We use wood  for cooking. Another job that I am doing here is, to keep my eyes open for any places that have scrap wood. When I find some that is available, I take it in my truck and bring it to the school as I know that we need it.

The following photos show a group of boys on a successful hunt for scrap wood.

Cooking in the open air kitchen

The result of the hard work of the cooks is mirrored in the faces of the children. Due to your investment in these children, they look forward to school and to the lunch that awaits them there. Not only will they be able to learn better, but they will have enough energy to run and play and be normal children.

Thank you for helping to fill that “proverbial hole” in their stomachs that all normal children seem to have. 

Lunch makes me happy

Dear CHM Family and Friends, due to your generosity and willingness to sacrifice, and invest $2000 in these 200 school children, they will have will have a hot lunch for every school day in the month of October.


Upcoming 2018 Christmas/New Year Celebration

Each year CHM underwrites the Annual Christmas / New Year Celebration, which takes place on January 1. At this time we remember Pastor Coty and his wife Nana with small gifts. We say small because in comparison with what they give of themselves and their resources, our gifts are but tokens.

This is a day when families can temporarily forget about the daily struggle to survive, and have fun, food and fellowship.

The photos below, taken from last year’s celebration, show happy faces as they consume generous portions of food.

The cost for providing this celebration, which includes both food and gifts for the children, is $1000. We are looking for donations to provide this happy time for the families of the Village of Cahess.

If you would like to help to provide this event, please send your tax deductable donation to Coastal Haiti Mission and please identify it as, Christmas Celebration. The address is at the end of this newsletter.

You may also give ‘on line’ using our PayPal account which is also located at the end of this newsletter. Please identify your donation as, “Christmas Celebration.”


Saturday Sunday School

Pastor Coty writes:

Our ministry in Cahess  not only covers the elderly people who need help, and the school children with the school lunch program, but it also includes the bible school for the children on Saturday. My wife Nana started this ministry years ago. After a visit from  brother Ken and some other friends, Coastal Haiti Mission decided to encourage this ministry. As a result, more  kids come each week, because they know for sure, that they will not only learn a good bible story, but they will receive something to eat– most of the time, a food  bar. For the class this day, Nana made some popcorn and brought it to the class. It was fun.

Thank You!!!

Pastor Coty

I never want to close any of my messages, without saying thank you to our supporters in the USA.

Popcorn treat at Saturday Sunday School


Hemophilia—Steven and his brother Louvens

The unfolding of Steven’s story began in the August 2018 CHM Newsletter. As Steven’s case evolved, it became apparent that his younger brother Louvens has the symptoms of Hemophilia. To verify these suspicions, a plan has been developed  to hand carry a sample of Louvens blood on an aircraft, from Haiti to The University of Miami, on November 11. The blood analysis is needed to confirm the suspected diagnosis of Hemophilia.

Steven on the right with his brother Louvens

Louvens, who presents symptoms similar to those that Steven has.


Food for the Needy

The need for food is ever present. If we do not resupply the people in this program each month, they will end up hungry.

Pastor Coty writes:

I just want to send these pictures, so our supporters will know how grateful we are for their help.

Some of the people on the list who receive food, are too old to walk, so they send their grandchild to carry the food for them.

Pastor Coty

Transportation in Northern Haiti

Pastor Coty writes:

We pay so much, even for a short trip, because fuel is expensive, and also the road conditions are very bad, so the vehicles brakedown often.

Transportation in Haiti is a challenge. Some visitors from other countries, cannot understand how our people are willing to use a transportation system like the one in Haiti. But somehow, the Haitian people who live in this culture, have gotten used to it

Let me give you some figures on the prices of transportation in Haiti.

The Haitian currency is named GOUD, and you need 74 GOUD for $ 1 US dollar.

Our village is named Cahess and it is about 35 kilometers (22 miles) to Cap Haitian which is the second largest city in Haiti.

In Haiti, people use motorcycles as taxies. A larger vehicle, such as a pickup truck or a school bus, which is used to transport people, is called a Tap Tap.

Because of the conditions of the roads, the Tap-Taps won’t go to the villages, but the motorcyles will. So if someone from any village wants to go to a city,  that person will need to first take a moto Taxi (motorcycle taxi) to the closest town, and then take a Tap-Tap to the City.

From our Village of Cahess,  you will first, take a moto Taxi costing 50 GOUD to TROU DU NORD (the closest town) and then take a Tap-Tap for another 50 GOUD to go to Cap-Haitian.

To go from Cap-Haitian to PORT-AU-PRINCE which is the capital city, will cost 1250 GOUD or $17 US dollars.

In our Village, some of the parents send their children to school in the nearest town of Trou-du-Nord. In this case, they pay a lot for moto Taxies, everyday.

Psalm 41:1

“Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.”

Please remember, that CHM must continue to send our monthly commitment of $600 to carry on the ongoing CHM ministry in Cahess.

If you desire to help, please send your tax deductable check to our address and tell us how you want us to use your donation:

Coastal Haiti Mission
C/O Constance Goddard
3048 Spring Fancy Lane
Indian Trail, NC 28079
For tax deductable “online donations”, please use our PayPal service. Also please designate how you want us to use your donation:

May the Lord our God, who knows your heart and sees your actions, grant you great joy as you serve Him.               

Connie, Esther, Pastor Coty and Ken are very grateful for your sacrifice.

Ken Johansson CHM Newsletter Editor


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