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September 2018


Water Purifier Program

We continue to see significant interest in the Gift of Water purifiers. There is a growing list of people who want to be included in the next distribution of 50 water purifiers.

Jeff, the CHM Water Technician is recovered from his recent surgery. He is back to attending classes at the University, and beginning to work servicing water purifiers and teaching in homes about safe water usage. He will demonstrate how not to re-contaminate the purified water, to the family members.

Pastor Coty writes:

At home or at school, you meet this system in many places in Cahess. But not in every house, because we did not have enough purifiers in the first distribution, for everybody, who wants one, to get one.

We are expecting good results from using the Gift of Water system in Cahess. We expect to see fewer cases of typhoid and other kinds of water born disease.

 Children using the water, while at school.


Another list is growing  after the first distribution. More people are interested in getting a Gift of Water System in their home.

The first water purification system that we provided, has been replaced by the Gift of Water System. However, the equipment of the first system has been repurposed. The Bettex bottle has now become a  water canteen for this young man.


School Lunch Program

Pastor Coty writes:

We began feeding our kids on the first day of school. We do that for two reasons: first because the CHM Family and Friends make it possible with their generous contributions, and second, because we know how hungry the children are. The pictures may give you an idea about  how things are in Cahess, but for me, I am living in the situation. So I can say that it is a great joy for me, when I see good things like this, happen in my village.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Pastor Coty.

Dear Family and Friends of CHM. We are in need of donations designated for the School Lunch Program. There are 22 school days in the month of October. We had some of the needed $2200 ($100 per school day) in the School Lunch Fund. However, we were able to cover the School Lunch Fund shortfall with undesignated donations.

So dear CHM Family and Friends, the school children will eat lunch each school day in the month of October, THANKS to YOU. 


School Renovation

Pastor Coty texted me a message which said, “the condition of the school building, would not allow the school to receive students, until it was renovated”. He included a photo of  some piles of concrete blocks, but construction had not been started. The needed renovations were significant. In one of the photos below, there are the remnants of a large tree that was in one of the school rooms. The room was built around the tree. Removing that tree had to be a huge task. Also, the photos indicate what happens to temporary walls in Haiti.

Pastor Coty and his wife Nana, took the initiative to begin construction. The cost was more than anticipated, which has strained their resources. The school rooms are a major improvement from what existed previously.

Pastor Coty writes:

I want to bring to your attention, the work that my wife and I recently had done in the school building. The pictures will show you the building, before and after construction.

That renovation project cost us 1500 US dollars. But if we knew it would cost that much, we would have never started it. We kept on doing and spending, and at the end, the final cost was around 1500 dollars. Now we are really down economically, but whenever we look at the school building, we feel joy, because the kids are in a much better building than before.

 School before renovation.

 New school construction.

This tree removed from inside a classroom.

Larger and improved classrooms.


Continuing Treatment for Steven Saintil

The team of people who have been involved in determining that Steven’s illness is hemophilia, and have provided blood factor for him, continue to be involved. Steven was provided with a referral to a physical therapist at a local hospital. Pastor Coty brought Steven to the appointment with the therapist. As a result, Steven now has a walker, to assist him in walking.

Steven’s younger brother Louvens, is also suspected of having hemophilia. Plans have been made to get a sample of Louvens’ blood in early November, and hand carry it that same day, to Miami, where it will be analyzed.

Plans continue to be developed to create a hemophilia treatment in Haiti. There is significant interest among the hemophilia professionals, to establish a center in Haiti.

We at CHM are very grateful to the team of people who are involved in helping to treat this illness of hemophilia.

Pastor Coty writes:

Now with his walker, Steven does not want to miss even one school day. His  hemophilia treatment is helping him, because I see him in school.

I think his courage and determination is an encouragement to the team of people who helped him to get the hemophilia treatment.

Steven with his walker


Life in the Village of Cahess

Pastor Coty writes:

Some people make a big mistake by choosing to go to live in the town rather than a village in Haiti. People in the villages, know better, how to take care of trash. They always wake up in the morning, to sweep their yard and then their house. That is one of the reasons why you breathe better in the villages, than in the towns in Haiti.

I grew up watching my grandmother sweeping our yard every morning, because  we have a lot of trees in our yard. The result is that those trees, always drop leaves all over the yard. After my grandmother is gone (died) , my mother and sometimes my sister continued with this responsibility. Recently I stayed at my mother’s home for a night. I woke up early and I found that even my niece is training for the job. It was the 3 of them sweeping the yard, my mother, my sister and her daughter. I was blessed looking at them, and the result of their work.


Food for the Needy

We have changed the name of this part of CHM’s ministry from Food for the Poor to Food for the Needy.

Due to a designated gift to the Food for the Needy ministry, the amount of food given out was almost doubled for the month of September. This fact will be reflected in the message from Pastor Coty.

Pastor Coty writes:

This month the people in this program got more food which will last them longer, because of a special increase added to the regular support. More people received food and the amount of food was also increased.

Looking at these people leaving the CHM food distribution, is like watching them coming from the market. But the big difference is, that none of these people would have enough money to buy what they have received from the CHM supporters.

Thank you CHM Family and Friends, your help makes a huge difference. 

Pastor Coty.


Psalm 41:1

“Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.”

Please remember, that CHM must continue to send our monthly commitment of $600 to carry on the ongoing CHM ministry in Cahess.

If you desire to help, please send your tax deductable check to our address and tell us how you want us to use your donation:

Coastal Haiti Mission
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May the Lord our God, who knows your heart and sees your actions, grant you great joy as you serve Him.               

Connie, Esther, Pastor Coty and Ken are very grateful for your sacrifice.

Ken Johansson CHM Newsletter Editor

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